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“Every new mother should be fortunate enough to have a caring night Doula. Having a night Doula is such a wonderful service. A mother's well being in the first few weeks is just as important as caring for a newborn, the support gives a new mom/parents confidence, time to rest and loving baby care. Having someone caring, knowledgeable during those first weeks postpartum is truly a blessing."
- Clare & Tom

“My Doula was superb. Everything from breastfeeding support, gentle baby care and advice. My husband was so impressed how she gently guided him through changing his first diaper to burping and soothing our son. Superb service from our Doula.”
- Reina & Jim

“We loved the support from our Doula! She was a huge help during the first few months. We could not wait for her to knock on the door at night! We feel very fortunate that we had the chance to work with her. She is wonderful!”
- Heather

"Having a Doula made my transition into motherhood an easy one not to mention all the rest I got. Had a lot of great advice without being judgmental. I looked forward to seeing her each night and I really miss her now that she is gone.”
- Katharine & Jacob

What We Do
Who are the Bay Area Night Doulas?
We are a group of women that have come together to care and support families in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Each member of the Bay Area Night Doulas realizes what an incredible responsibility and privilege it is to be hired by a family as their Night Doula. Each Doula brings her own individual skills and together we offer a wide range of Night Doula Services to our clients.

Our comprehensive skill set combined with our professionalism, work ethic, experience and philosophy makes Bay Area Night Doulas the natural choice for family support.


What is a Night Doula?

The word "Doula" is a Greek word used when describing a woman that will “mother the mother”. The goal of our Doula team is to assist the new mother, partner and family in creating a personally fulfilling postpartum experience.

Bay Area Night Doulas are non-medical care providers.

Our Services
Postpartum Care
Breastfeeding Support
Sleep Education
Infant Massage
Family Adjustment Assistance
Local Resources
We also offer Lactation Consultant Services. See the Meet Our Team page for more info.