Welcome to Bay Area Night Doulas & Co.

Hello and welcome to Bay Area Night Doulas & Co LLC! We are a referral company, founded by Noreen and Frances.

We have come together to support and serve our clients during their postpartum period. Overtime we have evolved to a larger community with diverse backgrounds, skill-sets and passions to better serve the clients in our community.

Our transparency and due diligence separate us from the rest.

We support families from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Each Doula brings her own individual skills, and together we offer a wide range of Postpartum Doula services to our clients. Our services for postpartum families also include Lactation Counselors, Sleep Consultants and more!

Our comprehensive skill set combined with our professionalism, work ethic, experience and compassion make Bay Area Night Doulas & Co the natural choice for family support. Although there are many services available to you, we acknowledge and truly appreciate that you are here! We can assure you that you have made the right decision by choosing us. 

*A Postpartum Doula is a non-medical care provider.

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Sonja J.

Kaya was a wonderful night doula and we couldn't be happier. She took excellent care of our daughter Zuri. She was warm, loving and kind. Kaya sang Zuri songs, conversed and played with her in the morning when she woke up. She worked with us to improve Zuri's sleep and eating patterns.

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Les H.

I am so grateful that Denise and Jenette helped us out after the births of our two sons, 3 years apart.  When my husband first suggested hiring a night doula I was like "whaaaaaa? Someone ELSE take care of my kid at night? That's weird." But the more we talked about it and then after meeting Jenette and Denise we were sold. And boy am I glad we worked with them.

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Nupur G.

We had the pleasure of taking Veronica's help for our 4 month old daughter and it was absolutely wonderful to have her. She helped us out during the day with not only breastfeeding (which was my primary reason to have her over) but also taught me ways to sooth my baby, set up a sleep routine, do baby massage etc.

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Susan W.

I can't say enough great things about our experience with Ciara Doherty. She had our daughter, Samantha, sleeping through the night consistently by 8 weeks, and she was so fantastic that she was one of the first calls I made when I found out I was pregnant with my son, Mason (now three months).

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Hanna L.

Brenda Sheehy was (and still is) an essential and invaluable extension to our family. From the day we brought our daughter home, she gave us hope, confidence, and clarity -- all critical assets for two people entering into parenthood for the first time.

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Lara F.

I had an incredible experience with Laura Hession as my night doula. I am both a first-time parent and a single parent, and her support was key to my recovery from labor, adapting to life with a newborn, and learning what to expect with an infant and how to meet his needs.

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Kristen H.

When our daughter was slow to gain her birthweight back, Noreen put us in touch with Gillian Croke, IBLCE who is not only a Lactation Consultant but also a doula with Bay Area Night Doulas.

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Elena L.

No review can do justice to how essential Frances has been to our family.  When we welcomed home our child it became immediately apparent we needed more help and expertise.  Frances came in to a chaotic environment and was a constant source of calm, empathy and knowledge (and yes - also a great nights sleep for new parents :)).

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Amanda D.

We worked with 2 doulas (Ciara, Noreen) and they were both incredible. Our son arrived 4 weeks early and Ciara covered for the first couple weeks while Noreen was out of town. Ciara was immediately caring, comforting...

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Eirini P.

I had the best time experience with the Bay Area Night doulas, when I was seeking for a night doula ASAP. They connected me with Judith, one of the nicest people I had the pleasure to work with; she was knowledgeable, patient, and very diligent when it came to Covid precautions. 

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Valia P.

We were so lucky to have Sinead as our Night Doula for our daughter Lillian. Sinead started working with us as soon as Lillian came home from the NICU at 10 days old. We were very anxious parents, having to navigate our first child who had a health issue to start with -during COVID. 

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Ali L.

Petra is amazing! I never considered a night doula until after we had our little girl and came home that first week - I was in a panic and googling night doulas at 3am. I heard back from Petra by 6am that same day and then had a FaceTime call with her later that same afternoon.

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Dani B.

Absolutely amazing. After a difficult birth and the discovery that breastfeeding is NOT easy or natural for many of us, Bay Area Night Doulas saved the day. Two doulas - Gillian and Tara - came to our home (on different nights), and their support kept me sane during the challenging early weeks of first-time motherhood.

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Mary C.

Kathleen O'Connell has been a wonderful addition to our new parenting journey, and we cannot recommend her enough.  As first time parents, we were so relieved to know an expert was in the house when we brought our son home from the hospital.

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Jessica H.

Melissa Koning was outstanding to work with - I can't say enough positive things about her! We worked with other night doulas in the past when we had our first child, and Melissa is by far the best!

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Jessica S.

Ita Walsh was the best decision I made in preparation for the arrival of our little girl.  She was warmth, sanity, sleep, kindness, peace of mind, a trusted advisor and a dear friend all bundled into one, awesome lady. 

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Emily H.

I have a 10 week old daughter who was born 6 weeks prematurely. She was home from the NICU about 4 weeks when we started having a lot of trouble with her at night. Between pumping all night when she was in the NICU and around the clock feedings,...

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Connie O.

We found Lolly through the BAND group, and we consider ourselves lucky to have gotten to work with her.  This is my first baby, I am almost 40, and he came right during the middle of  pandemic.

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