All of the Doulas associated with Bay Area Night Doulas have had professional training through a certified doula training program. Continuing education is important to our Doulas as it allows us to grow and develop our skills. Many of our Doulas have taken additional coursework in different areas of interest, such as lactation education, infant massage and sleep training. Our Doulas have extensive infant and childcare experiences and all our Doulas are infant CPR trained. By working with our expertly trained, unbiased, experienced doulas we hope to offer you a great experience and introduction into parenting with your newborn at home.

The first few weeks following the birth of a baby can be an exciting but an overwhelming and exhausting time for new parents as they adjust to their new roles. The Bay Area Night Doulas can offer assistance with the transition. Whether you need help with one or multiple babies, your Doula can offer extra support to your family. Our Doulas are experienced in caring for singletons, multiples and preemies and we support all family dynamics.

A Postpartum Doula is specially trained to provide practical and emotional support to mothers. Unlike a baby nurse, a Doula is not uniquely focused on the baby but on nurturing the mother and making sure she is well cared for as well. The focus being on that the mother is well rested, fed, hydrated and comfortable so that she may best care for her new baby.

A large part of our Doulas role is to educate and encourage the entire family during this time of transition. Our postpartum Doula’s will support the mother in caring for her baby, breast-feeding, bottle-feeding and will educate the family on typical newborn behaviors. The Doula will share information about infant care, encourage parents to find their own individual parenting style, and encourage and teach partners how to best “mother the mother”. Our doulas provide unconditional care for new mothers and their families. A Postpartum Doula is a non-medical care provider.


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