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A night nanny typically offers basic caregiving tasks for the baby, very similar to having a babysitter, whereas a postpartum doula has the education and expertise to care for the baby, mom and family. Our doulas are certified to offer postpartum care, lactation and sleep education.

Most expectant mothers start looking for a postpartum Doula during their second trimester. Feel free to contact us at anytime, we are happy to discuss your needs and our availability. We have accommodated many families on short notice so feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

Bay Area Night Doulas (BAND) is a referral company and has much lower fees all round when compared to agencies.

We refers doulas that are independent contractors. BAND does not take a commission or hourly fees from our doulas. Clients pay the doulas directly. We have very happy, dedicated doulas who give their very best to our clients, which is why BAND is one of the best companies in the Bay Area- where we are sought after not only by clients but also doulas wanting to join our team (strict requirements apply for joining)

BAND has the largest team of doulas in the Bay Area. Many of our doulas have been on our team since 2008!

BAND strives to continue to have certified, qualified and educated doulas that love what they do and love being able to call themselves a BAND Doula.

Our doulas will encourage you to develop your own parenting style. The doulas primary role is to support and educate the family on baby development. 

Our night doulas typically work with families as soon as the family is home from the hospital.

Although there is no set schedule we generally work with families anywhere from 2 to 7 nights a week for several weeks or months after the baby is born depending on individual needs of the family.

Day doulas can also start anytime after arriving home- typically they work 3-5 days a week for 4-8 hours per day, and several weeks.

Each baby is different with their sleeping patterns. Some babies tend to develop a regular sleep routine more easily and other babies may take longer to establish a sleep routine. Most sleep experts agree that a baby under 12 weeks old should not be sleep trained.

Our doulas can help guide you in establishing a healthy routine for your baby that will encourage regular naps, good sleep habits and longer sleep stretches at night for each individual baby.

The witching hours can be anywhere from 2/3pm all the way to 9/10pm – this is when the baby can become fussy no matter what is being done. This fussy period is sometimes called the witching hours.

We really don’t know what causes these fussy periods in babies, it could be that they are sensitive to stimulation, or that they cannot self soothe yet.

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