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What Is a Night Doula?

With a primary focus on late night support including sleep consulting and encouraging healthy sleep habits, our night doulas provide invaluable nighttime support during those early days postpartum.

A night doula offers invaluable assistance with the tasks and needs of your baby throughout the night, providing enormous relief and an opportunity to rest for both mom and the baby. This can be particularly valuable during those early days postpartum when it feels like you can’t get a single good night of rest.

Our night doulas can help you with many late-night tasks such as encouraging healthy and predictable sleep habits and providing the entire family with physical, emotional, and educational support as needed. We also make it a priority to offer non-judgmental care with an aim to create a supportive environment for you as parents where you can express your concerns, ask honest questions, and receive tailored support based on your specific parenting style.

Moreover, night doulas can assist with:

  • Breastfeeding & bottle-feeding
  • Educating the family on typical newborn behaviors (no more worrying “Is this normal for my baby?”)

By having someone with professional expertise by your side supporting you every step of the way, you can enjoy more peace of mind and feel relaxed as you navigate the exciting and challenging journey of parenthood. Oh, and of course you’ll finally get a (well-deserved) good night of rest!

Benefits of a Nighttime Doula

Alleviate Stress

Our nighttime support provides parents with a sense of relief and peace of mind by alleviating late night stress and responsibility (you're off the clock!)

Rest & Relax

With our night doulas taking care of the baby, parents can finally rest and enjoy a good night of sleep, allowing them to be fully prepared for the busy day ahead.

Optimal Sleep Habits

Aid the baby in establishing healthy sleep habits by adopting a consistent and predictable nighttime schedule with effective sleep conditioning techniques

Non-Judgmental Support

We offer a non-judgmental environment, respecting the decisions made by parents and allowing them to feel empowered and confident in their parenting choices.

Is a night doula right for you?

It can be confusing trying to figure out the difference between day doulas, night doulas, and live-in doulas.

The most obvious difference is at which time of the day you receive support. Night doulas focus on helping the baby during the night so the parents can sleep, while a day doula helps the entire family with tasks during the day. Live-in doulas (also called “24 hour doulas”) on the other hand are there both during the day and night and take on the tasks of both the day doula and night doula.

Generally speaking, a night doula is right for you if:

  • You are exhausted and can’t sleep at night due to your baby’s sleep schedule (or lack of one)
  • You need rest and assistance with baby care and “learning the ropes” of parenthood
  • You’d like assistance and education on feeding your baby, whether through breastfeeding or bottle-feeding
  • You are looking for someone with experience (and the credentials to back it up!) to provide knowledgeable answers to your questions and address your concerns without feeling like you’re being judged
  • You’re suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety (this is 100% normal, don’t worry!)

If this sounds like you, then feel free to reach out to us to get started!

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Your Experience With a Night Doula

A sneak peek into the typical experience with a nighttime doula

Typically our night doulas arrive at your home at 10 pm and provide assistance until 6 am, though we prioritize your family’s unique needs and work closely with you to develop a customized strategy that ensures your comfort and well-being (so these hours may differ for you).

Our night doulas oversee every aspect of your baby’s care, closely monitoring their needs and ensuring their safety throughout the night. To keep you informed, we maintain a detailed log of the night’s activities either by using baby apps or written notes, providing you with valuable insights into your baby’s routine.

We care about mom’s well-being too! Our night doulas make sure that you stay hydrated and offer light snacks to keep you nourished during the night. If you choose to breastfeed, our doulas will bring your baby to you, promoting bonding and supporting your breastfeeding journey.

By entrusting your nights to our night doulas, you can finally enjoy uninterrupted sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the demands of the day.

Our Role as Your Nighttime Doula

A night doula’s role is:
  • To create a peaceful and conducive sleep environment for you, ensuring parents can rest fully and comfortably
  • To attend to the baby’s needs promptly, providing comfort and soothing during the night
  • To implement effective sleep routines and techniques to help the baby establish healthy and predictable sleep patterns
  • To help create a relaxing and nurturing environment that promotes a successful breastfeeding journey
  • To tailor our support to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you receive the rest and recovery you need (and deserve!)
A night doula’s role is not:
  • To replace your partner or family members
  • To judge you and your family, force our values, or teach you the “best way” to parent (because there is no best way! The “best way” is the way that works best for your individual family)

Do you need help preparing for parenthood?

Our Baby Prep Services help you prepare for parenthood with ease

Anticipation and excitement are plentiful as you await the arrival of your little one. At BAND, we understand the whirlwind of emotions and preparations that come with expecting a baby.

Our Baby Planning services are tailored to ease your journey into parenthood by providing comprehensive support and guidance before your baby’s arrival:

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Peace of Mind

We take the stress out of baby preparations, leaving you more time to focus on cherishing this special moment.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our doulas' expertise and industry knowledge to make informed decisions about essential baby products.

Customized Support

Our personalized approach ensures that your specific needs and concerns are addressed with care and attention to detail.

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We require all of our doulas to have extensive formal training and certifications including:

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